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Swim Lessons

Why Swim

Swimming is one of the few ways of getting exercise that improves your total fitness because it can boost strength, stamina and flexibility all at the same time. Swimming calls more muscles into play with exact coordination than most other sports, and its high repetition of movement makes it extremely beneficial to the cardio- vascular system. It has all the cardiovascular benefits of running, but with some of the strength-building effects of weight training and some of the flexibility-promoting effects of dance classes. Swimming uses all the major muscle groups, and is an aerobic exercise that helps keep your heart and lungs healthy. Swimming also helps to keep your joints flexible, especially in the neck, shoulders and hips as your limbs and body move through the water. The private swim lesson program at Ames Racquet & Fitness Center teaches the confidence that kids and adults need to be successful in the water. Private swim lessons are offered to members ages preschool - adult and are set up to meet your specific goals. You or your child will have fun while learning how to swim, improving your strokes, or technique. We will work specifically with you or your child no matter what your swimming level is. Whether it's helping you overcome your fear of the water, or simply learning a new stroke, we will stay with you every stroke of the way, as your confidence builds. 

  • Open to all members ages preschool - Adult  
  • Learn how to swim and stay afloat
  • Lessons are set up for your ability, and designed around what you want to learn
  • Improve technique, and or specific strokes
  • Learn how to do stroke specific turns
  • All levels of swimming

For more information on swim lessons, including prices and registration details, check out ourbrochure here.


Meet our Swim Professionals!

Liz Higgins - (Does not teach in summer)

Chelsey Kulla

Shelby Ausman


Swimming Pool

Our facility on the North side features an indoor swimming pool
(4 lanes, 25 yards long, kept between 84°- 85°), aquatic classes available


Family Swim Times:





7:00 - 9:00 pm

2:00 - 4:00 pm

2:00 - 4:00 pm

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