Ames Fitness Center

Pilates Equipment Intro $149

In order to participate safely and effectively in the Pilates Equipment classes, it is required to have three sessions of private instruction with a Pilates instructor. During these sessions you will learn proper technique and equipment set-up.   

Pilates Equipment Group Classes

General Information: 45 minutes each session. Pilates studio at South AFC. Classes run on a continuous basis. 

Desciption: A full-body, low-impact workout featuring a variety of equipment, including the Pilates Reformer, Pilates Chair and Pilates Cadillac. These multi-purpose machines provide movement versatility as you strengthen your core from every angle. Modifications in spring tension and body position provide appropriate challenges for every fitness level.

Purchase Sessions

1 Session $25 CLICK HERE
10 Sessions $250 CLICK HERE
*Once sessions are purchased, please sign up for class. Info below.

Schedule (subject to change week to week):

 Day Time Trainer
 Tuesdays  8:30 am Carla
 Tuesdays 4:15 pm Carla
 Wednesdays 12:15 pm Carla
 Thursdays 12:15 pm Carla
 Fridays 12:15 pm Carla
 Saturdays 9:30 am  Laura

Class Registration:

Please register for the classes you will be attending. Registration opens up 72 hours prior to class. CLICK HERE to set up your account and register. CLICK HERE to download app to phone.