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Pilates Cardio Jumpboard Group with Emily


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Spice up your cardio with a Pilates Jumpboard class! An invigorating 30 minute class that mixes fast, powerful, jumping movements with Reformer exercises. Bonus: it’s low impact! You will burn calories and increase the heart rate while engaging the core and building endurance, strength and stability throughout the session.

The Jumpboard is an attachment that converts the Pilates Reformer into a horizontal jumping machine. While lying on your back, one can adjust the spring tension and jump on the board as if it were the floor. The spring tension takes gravity out of the equation, so it feels like you are jumping on the moon!

Reformer Studio, South AFC, 3600 University Blvd

Day & Time
Thursdays, 8:30 - 9:00 am

New participants are required to do a demo session prior to attending any group sessions. Purchase can be made along with the sessions.  Please email [email protected] to set your demo appointment.