Ames Fitness Center

Personal Training Staff: Carla Aubry

Carla Aubry

Pilates Reformer Althetix Certified

I have been a Group Fitness Instructor at Ames Fitness Center since 2011. I began my personal Pilates journey about 4 years ago after a back injury. I’ve learned that there are real benefits to moving deliberately. Pilates is about using your mind body connection to increase muscle activation. By using imposing muscle groups, Pilates can eliminate muscle imbalances, which can cause discomfort. Pilates has humbled me and empowered me. I have less pain; I'm stronger and still improving. I truly believe EVERY body can reap the benefits the reformer has to offer! So next time you think you need to ‘go fast or go home’ slow it down, take a breath and enjoy the purposeful (BUT not easier) movement of Pilates on the Reformer.

Make an appointment with Carla today! Call 515-232-1911 or e-mail  j[email protected]