Ames Fitness Center

Personal Training Staff: Simon Saunders

Simon Saunders

NSCA CSCS Certified Personal Trainer

Fitness is something I’ve been passionate about for as long as I can remember. I began my own fitness journey in March 2020 and since then I’ve lost a total of 80 pounds, and I’m now in the best shape of my life. I believe that fitness involves two primary pillars, science-based programming and discipline. I’ve acquired the education to provide science-based programming and I demonstrate the discipline required on a daily basis. So, I feel uniquely qualified to share all my tricks of the trade and help you CRUSH all of your goals. We all have 24 hours a day. That’s the only thing in life that is equal. It’s what we choose to do with those 24 hours that separates one from the rest. Choose wisely, work smart, and work hard.

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