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Karen Philips, Director

It has been a wonderful experience to be a personal trainer at Ames Racquet & Fitness Center since 1999. I enjoy helping people with post-rehab conditions and injury recovery. It’s fun to watch people progress and help them enjoy exercise, for the first time, or once again.

John Mongar

I believe with all my heart in the need to make the body work correctly prior to any intense exercise program. Mobility is something that most, if not all, people this day and age need to work on due to jobs and repetitive daily habits. I enjoy working with people who have a will to work for what they want, including endurance and power sport athletes, and everyone looking to take charge of their health and their life.

Chris Chapman

Training was a perfect fit for me to combine a major in exercise science with a minor in ethics. Getting  the most out of life starts with proper fitness. My main focus is biomechanics, the training of how the  body functions properly in order to avoid injury and for all nature of goals. I have a strong thirst for  knowledge and love to pass that on to my clients.

Jessica Sporaa

It’s an honor to help ARFC members start on the path to improved health and fitness so they can enjoy  all life has to offer. With absolute certainty I believe in enjoying life! As busy adults (I’m a mom of four) it  can be difficult to focus on ourselves and work consistently toward health and fitness goals. I work with  my clients to take one day, meal, workout at a time. And once in a while enjoy that piece of pie!

Karen Clark

I've been training in some fashion for 28 years;clients with a wide variety of needs and wants. My favorite thing about training is getting to know people and developing trusting relationships. Clients and I spend quality time while striving to meet their fitness goals.

Melissa Stenberg

My passion in training is helping my clients achieve their goals thus improving their lives. My personal interest is training and competing in figure competitions. I’ve helped many women train and prepare to step on stage, many for the first time, with confidence they didn’t know they had.

Anthony Baccam

I believe training should not only be functional but enjoyable and motivating. The ultimate result is not just achieving fitness goals but creating a positive change in lifestyle for overall health, fitness and wellness.  

Emily Johnston

I love working as a personal trainer. My goal is to teach clients how to strengthen the body and have pain-  free movement. I love showing others new exercises and stretches and encouraging them to take on new  challenges. I also enjoy consulting clients about healthy eating and sharing recipes.


June Burns

Begin each day with a calm inner focus.  I work to find the balance in all aspects of life.  Balance between raising three active and healthy boys, a strong relationship with my husband, working to help members achieve their fitness goals, and maintaining my mental, physical, and spiritual health.  Yoga means to "yoke".   Practicing calm focus, breath, and body awareness on the mat strengthens the mind, body, will power, and spirit that continue to flow into our lives and relationships when we walk off the mat.  In our 24/7 fast-paced world yoga gives us the tools to lessen negative effects of daily stress on our mind, body, and spirit. -- Namaste.

Nicole Arnold

I am amazed at the potential the mind body connection offers each one of us.When we learn to align mind and body  we begin to access our full potential. The possibilities are endless.  I enjoy coaching people through food and fitness to discover their personal values and identify “what’s important now” and watch as life begins to “take shape.”  I am honored to offer my clients a broad range of experience and perspective working on health & wellness as both a personal trainer and a Registered Dietitian. 

Korey Kollasch

Over 10 years training experience working with 5-95 year olds and beginners to elite athletes has reinforced my belief that achieving health and fitness goals requires a solid foundation built around goal setting and planning. It continues to be an honor to help clients.

Megan Woodbeck

I have always had a passion for health and fitness. Helping people reach their individual fitness goals is a joy. I try to make exercise fun and enjoyable, while providing a challenging workout.

Mistie Miller

I love teaching others how to improve their health and to love their bodies inside and out. It's very rewarding when clients tell me about the difference training has made in their lives, or when their clothes start feeling looser. Whether you become pain-free, lose unwanted pounds, or improve your overall health, it's a privilege to be part of your transformation.

Rachel Britten

I love helping people individually or in a group session discover what drives them in life. I want to be a part of "pushing through the roadblock" with people of all ages and working as a team to find victory in what's holding them back. Let's have fun making a difference together. 

Christine Becker

Personal training gives me the opportunity to help others live a healthier lifestyle with exercise and healthy eating.I really enjoy working with women of any age from functional training to high intensity training. It is my goal to make training programs fun yet challenging by using everything from TRX to trampolines! I also am an ARFC massage therapist and love to incorporate massage into my clients training programs.


Josh Marker

I have been an Ames native for over 22 years, I graduated from AHS, DMACC, and ISU.  Fitness has been part of my life since grade school, however I gained a lot of unwanted weight after high school.  In fact I went from 130lbs to 220lbs in just over one year.  I had to work hard at my fitness and nutrition in order to get back to a healthy weight.  I understand the struggles people have and I want to help.  If you want to hear more of my story, while getting a solid workout and making a real life change, just check out one of the 3 specialty classes I run or contact me and we can set you up with an individualized plan!

Ryan Lovstad

I enjoy helping other reach their goals and believe fitness should always be a fun experience. Fitness is something I am very passionate about, I am always eager to help others and pass on the knowledge that I have gained through years of education. I have worked with a variety of individuals from athletes to those looking to increase their daily activity and each time it is a great experience.


Justin LeHew

After spending several years in the army, Justin settled into a sedentary lifestyle and became obese.  He decided it was time for a change and lost 60 pounds in his first year at the gym. Through his journey, Justin also discovered he loved to exercise. His experience in the army taught him to be flexible and determined to push himself to reach his goals. As his health improved, he saw friends and family interested in what had made his weight loss journey successful, which motivated him to study to better help others incorporate fitness into their life as fitness professional.

Tyler Booms

As a trainer, there is no greater feeling than getting clients to do things they did not know they could achieve or to feel the best they have in their entire life. Exercising should be an enjoyable experience for everyone and I look forward to working with people who are ready for a healthier lifestyle change.



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