Ames Fitness Center

• All lap swimming requires a reservation.

• Reservations must be made during operating hours by calling 515-292-4741 or stopping by the North AFC front desk.

• Lane reservations will run in 30-minute increments. Each person is allowed to reserve up to 1 hour per day.

• You can sign up for yourself and one other person when calling.

• If you cannot arrive at the designated time, please call to let us know.

• All no-shows will be tracked. After three strikes you will no longer be able to reserve a time.

• When checking in at the front desk, let the staff know you are there to swim and you will be given your lane assignment.

• You must be checked in with the front desk 5 minutes prior to your start time or your lane could be forfeited.


• All equipment is removed from the pool area. Feel free to bring your own.

• Must be 16 and older.

• 1 person allowed per lane.

• Time management is up to the swimmers.