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Group Fitness: Frequently Asked Questions


How much do the classes cost? All classes are free with an AFC membership. You can attend as many or as few as you want.

Are the classes busy? This is dependent on the time of day, the class and the time of year. If you want specific information, please feel to contact Mandy McGuire,

Do I have to register for classes? There are two classes that we offer registration – Group Ride and Power Pedal. Although you don’t have to pay, registration will guarantee you a spot in the class.   CLICK HERE to set up your account and register. CLICK HERE for direct app download for phone.

How do I know what class to go to? There is a description of all the classes available (at any front desk or online) or video clips to preview on line. If you have specific questions, please contact Mandy McGuire,, and she would be happy to talk through the classes with you and find something appropriate.  

It’s my first time going to class… how will I know how to set up?  The instructors are there to help set up and answer questions. Fellow participants are typically more than happy to help also. Make sure to arrive a few minutes prior to class so there is enough time to get set up with appropriate equipment.

Where is the Group Fitness room?
South: First floor. Take your first right after checking in.  Turn left at the end of the hallway.  Room is located on the right.
North: Follow the hall past the cardio and strength equipment. Take a left at the hallway. The studio is located on the right. 

Where is the spinning studio? First floor. Take your first right after checking in. The studio is located at the end of the hallway.

How do I get to the pool? There is access from both the male and female locker rooms. There is also access through a door across from the Group Fitness room.

Where is the Yoga room? First floor. Located on the left about mid-way down the main lobby.

Do I need to bring my on yoga mat to yoga class? If you are attending class in the Yoga Studio at South, you need to bring your own mat, or they are available for rental at the front desk for $5.  All other classes the mats will be supplied.

Do I have to know how to swim for Aqua? No, we have a shallow pool and none of the moves require knowing how to swim.

I am not flexible, can I still go to yoga? Absolutely - that is the reason you should go. Flexibility has to do with quality of life and Yoga keeps your joints and muscles young. Don’t feel like you need to be successful at every move the first day!

Do I have to wear a swim suit to take aqua classes? Feel free to wear anything that will keep you covered in the water. Many people will wear shirts over their swim suits.

Do I have to submerge my head under water during aqua class? No, you do not need to submerge your head under water, but please be aware that in order to maintain proper posture, your shoulders will need to be under the water at some points and your hair will likely get wet.

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