Ames Fitness Center

Guest Pass Guidelines:

  • Guest passes are only available at the North and South locations.
  • All guests must show photo ID and fill out the guest register completely and legibly before speaking with a membership representative.
  • Guests may purchase up to 3 single entries per calendar year.
  • Single entry passes are valid at location of purchase only and no re-admittance is allowed.
  • Out of state guests may purchase up to 3 one-week guest passes per calendar year.

Single Entry Pass - $30

Single day guest pass includes admission to the club (pool included), locker room (steam room and sauna included), towel service, and all group fitness classes.

Full Week Guest Pass

Week passes are also available for purchase through membership. Please contact our North (515-292-4741) or South (515-232-1911) locations for information.