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Dietitian Services

-Weight loss strategies
-Weight gain strategies

-Disease prevention / management
-Meal adaptations for allergies and      intolerances

-Optimize athletic performance
-Recipe suggestions 

-Individualized attention
-Improve quality of life

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Meet our Dietitians!

Rebeca Harken / [email protected]
Registered Dietitian Nutritionist
Licensed Dietitian Nutritionist
ACE Certified Personal Trainer
Masters in Diet and Exercise


I first became interested in health and nutrition in high school, when I was struggling with my personal health journey. I love using what I have learned since then to help others reach their goals and create healthy habits. I have a passion for helping people find simple and enjoyable ways to make meaningful and sustainable changes. I believe that food is the fuel that not only prevents disease and promotes longevity but can be a tool to enhance athletic performance and help you feel your best. I have worked with a variety of individuals in my time as a dietitian, so whether you’re looking for support with weight loss, diabetes, food allergies, simple healthy eating, or exercise I would love to help.



Nathan Schwartz / [email protected]
Registered Dietitian
Certified Personal Trainer
Master Dietitian Nutrition Coach Certification
PSL1 Coach


The reason that I became a Dietitian is that in today’s world everyone is out to try and make nutrition this hard-to-understand topic, just so they can sell you said diet pill, or put you on a fad diet that does not work and leaves you spinning your wheels. I want to teach you that there is no such thing as good or bad food. Yes, you can eat your favorite foods, and reach your weight loss or health goals. I am not here to tell you don’t eat this, or that, I am here to help you develop the skills and tools needed to reach your nutrition and health goals that you can do for the rest of your life.