Ames Fitness Center

Dietitian Services (Appointments or 1:1 Coaching)

Dietitian Services - weight loss/gain strategies, recipe suggestions, disease prevention/mgt, recipes, athlete performance
2 60-minute appointments with Rebecca $149 CLICK HERE
1:1 Nutrition Coaching with Nathan Schwartz

NUTRITION COACHING: Check in on a weekly basis, up to 30 minutes, virtual* $199 / month*
NUTRITION+: Nutrition coaching plus 30 min training every week $349 / month*
*3 month minimum

Contact Johnm@amesfitness to get started.

Nutrition Coaching Phase 1:

  • Get to know you and how your body responds. 
  • Learn what has and hasn't worked in the past.
  • Progress photos, measurements and initial assessment. 
  • Learn how to track food.

  • Nutrition Coaching Phase 2:
  • Attack weight loss goals head on.
  • Use Practice Better to track macros.
  • Get intake to a reasonable calorie goal.

  • Nutrition Coaching Phase 3:
  • After goal is achieved, recovery begins.
  • Reverse diet for optimum calorie intake.
  • Learn to eat food you enjoy without weight gain.

  • Nutrition Coaching Phase 4:
  • Achieve a repaired metabolism
  • Wean off macro tracking.
  • Learn to maintain progress.

    Time spent at each phase depends on each individual's goals and progress. This system teaches you to maintain results within 5 pounds. Our mission is for this sytem to be the last program you'll need in order to maintain and excel in your health, fitness and nutrition goals.

    Meet our Dietitians!

    Rebeca Harken / [email protected]
    Registered Dietitian Nutritionist
    Licensed Dietitian Nutritionist
    ACE Certified Personal Trainer
    Masters in Diet and Exercise


    I first became interested in health and nutrition in high school, when I was struggling with my personal health journey. I love using what I have learned since then to help others reach their goals and create healthy habits. I have a passion for helping people find simple and enjoyable ways to make meaningful and sustainable changes. I believe that food is the fuel that not only prevents disease and promotes longevity but can be a tool to enhance athletic performance and help you feel your best. I have worked with a variety of individuals in my time as a dietitian, so whether you’re looking for support with weight loss, diabetes, food allergies, simple healthy eating, or exercise I would love to help.




    Nathan Schwartz / [email protected] Registered Dietitian
    Certified Personal Trainer
    Master Dietitian Nutrition Coach Certification
    PSL1 Coach


    The reason that I became a Dietitian is that in today’s world everyone is out to try and make nutrition this hard-to-understand topic, just so they can sell you said diet pill, or put you on a fad diet that does not work and leaves you spinning your wheels. I want to teach you that there is no such thing as good or bad food. Yes, you can eat your favorite foods, and reach your weight loss or health goals. I am not here to tell you don’t eat this, or that, I am here to help you develop the skills and tools needed to reach your nutrition and health goals that you can do for the rest of your life.