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Personal Training Testimonials

Check out some of the success stories by our personal training clients! You could be next!


AFC PT Client: "Before I began training, I had horrible back problems that would put me in bed for days with awful pain; my trainer has designed workouts that have strengthened my back and core (in addition to other goals) and I have not had a serious back problem since! She has also kept me in shape through two pregnancies. She is incredibly encouraging and supportive and does so much to make me feel good about myself."

AFC PT Client: "Training has been one of the best things I have done to take care of myself, avoid injury and remain active in my 60s."

AFC PT Client: My trainer is very professional, enthusiastic, and knowledgeable. He is extremely aware of proper form and injury prevention. He uses unique methods to keep the BootCamp session fun."

AFC PT Client: "We are working on balance and strength to compensate for age and a neurodegenerative disease. My trainer has been great. No cane, no falls."

AFC PT Client: “My trainer gives me the variety and structure I need."

AFC PT Client: "I have been working with my trainer for several years. He has been wonderful in helping me build strength, and as a mid-50s female, I appreciate his focus on functional activity. I have grown a great deal in what I am able to do. He is also excellent at modifying when I have experienced occasional injuries."

AFC PT Client: "My trainer has provided exercises to help me fight my Parkinson's Disease with strength building, balance, and to become more fit than I was before my diagnosis. I think very highly of her as a trainer and friend."

AFC PT Client: "I absolutely look forward to personal training every week. It improves my mood, builds my confidence, and makes me feel strong. I attribute most of that to my trainer." 

AFC PT Client:
"Personal training a valuable option to utilize, to stay motivated, learn new exercises, and work on areas that are out of my knowledge base."

AFC PT Client: "I have gained helpful knowledge from my personal trainer that I can use for the rest of my life."

AFC PT Client: "I feel blessed to be working with a trainer who cares about me and my fitness goals. I value my trainer's ability to explain to me the "why behind the what". He shares his knowledge in a way that makes it easy to achieve my fitness goals.