Ames Fitness Center

AFC offers personal training with a certified and professional staff to motivate and inspire you. You will find greater enjoyment and personal satisfaction from your exercise program using the latest technology with a personal trainer. Several personal training packages are available to serve your unique needs and interests.

What can you expect from Ames Fitness Center Personal Trainers?

Cutting edge information. That's not to say based on a trend or fad, but education and knowledge regarding current research so we can always offer something new to our clients.


Nationally recognized certifications, college degrees in exercise science, advanced degrees, registered nurse, strength and conditioning specialists, post-rehabilitative certifications, cancer specialists, and many collective years of experience of success as trainers. In addition, they attend conferences and workshops, read a number of fitness trade journals and network with registered dietitians, massage therapists, physical therapists, chiropractors and orthopedic specialists. We want you to know that we have the answers to your questions and if we don't, we'll know where to find them.

Expect your trainer to show up for sessions on time and prepared, expect regular motivational phone calls or emails and expect your trainer to put a lot of effort into designing a personalized fitness program. We want to exceed your expectations.

We are not here just to sell you a personal training package - we want to service your needs. You can choose to have a trainer every time you step in the door, or ultimately to be empowered in order to become comfortable and confident in knowing you know what to do for your best results. We want you to get results, to see them, to feel them. We'll take into account your interests, needs and goals with any recommendations we make.

Making changes means making changes - and that's hard. Your personal trainer is there to provide you with unconditional support along the way. Even small positive changes in your lifestyle or workout can have a big impact.

Motivation. If you've ever started an exercise program and quit, the problem may not be you but the method. Most people attempt to do too much too soon, or don't have any idea how to monitor their progress. We want to get you emotionally excited about your fitness goals. This way when obstacles come up, and they do, it makes it easier to stick with your fitness program.

Options. AFC is committed to offering an extensive cutting edge personal training program that includes one-one-one training, partner training, small group and large group training, Pilates Reformer training, as well as educational lectures. Our goal is that everyone benefit from a personalized fitness program and have a variety of options to choose from.

Personal Training Sessions are all about YOU! One size does not fit all; each personal training program is different. You can train in a variety of different ways based on a variety of different goals. Perhaps you want to run your first 10K, keep your bones healthy for an active retirement, gain flexibility for your back swing, train for RAGBRAI, or complete a triathlon. It's your session and we want to accommodate your goals, needs, and interests.

We welcome the opportunity to assist you in achieving your personal best! Our trainers get a great deal of satisfaction from knowing they play a small part in assisting someone in making positive changes in their health! Follow this LINK to complete the form for a complimentary assessment today. Or e-mail John Mongar, Personal Training Director at [email protected] with questions.