Ames Fitness Center

Masayasu "Masa" Takaiwa
Massage Therapist

Originally from Japan, Masayasu “Masa” Takaiwa attended Goto, Medical Arts College in his native country, for Massage Therapy. I then attended University of Nebraska at Omaha for Athletic Training and gained a Master’s Degree from Kent State University for Sport Management. Now he joins the Ames Fitness Center at North location as licensed massage therapist and licensed athletic trainer. He possesses a unique skill set and can provide a wide range of services for the clients. His professional background offers well-balanced total care to the clients, and customers. He provides body assessment, sports massages, customized therapy, specified modalities knowledge for the clients. Specializing in Body Assessment, Sports Massage, PNF Stretching, Muscle Energy, Relaxation Massage, Soft Tissue Mobility Care, Strength/functional training for Specific Body Parts.


Ames  Fitness Center North

2622 Stange Road, Ames