Ames Fitness Center

Personal Training Staff: Chris Mondak

Chris Mondak

ACSM Certified Personal Trainer


Full disclosure: I have not been a life-long gym-goer. Earlier in life I preferred to just do recreation and work outside. But in my early 60s, I noticed some of my friends attending the Ames Fitness Center, and decided to try a small group class focused on strength and balance. To my surprise, I found I could learn and do something new – and actually enjoy it. I have come to value the Fitness Center training for the benefits it brings me in improved flexibility, balance, strength, and cardiovascular ability. Importantly, staying consistent with my training helps me stay active outside doing both the things I want to do for fun, and have to do for work or home maintenance. I’m keeping up with friends 10-15 years younger than I am. And maybe best of all: I feel better overall, physically and mentally. These good experiences led me to study and earn certifications as a Certified Personal Trainer through ACSM (American College of Sports Medicine), and Senior Fitness Specialist through ACE (American Council on Exercise). My goal now as a Fitness Instructor is to provide ways to guide and encourage others to experience the benefits of strength and balance exercise. We are not too old to learn new things, and we must do so because the world still needs us. Aim to “stay in the game” and Feel the Best You Can Be.

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