Ames Fitness Center

Rhett Clayton, Massage Therapist

Hi, my name is Rhett Clayton. I am a 2004 graduate of The College of Massage and Healing Arts Center in Des Moines. I have been working at ARFC since 2005. My wife and two children have been living in Boone for the past 13 years. I am very fortunate and happy to be a part of ARFC and enjoy working with clients who have been with me for years as well as working with new clients. I and my staff have varied educational backgrounds and skills that make for a well rounded team of therapists. With each location having it's own therapist we can provide a service that is as flexible as you are. We very much look forward to working with you in the future.

Rhett is available at the North location. To make an appointment, call 515-292-4741.
You may contact him directly at [email protected].


Ames Racquet and Fitness Center North

2622 Stange Road, Ames


8 am - 2 pm

See what some of Rhett's current clients have to say!

“I have been a steady client of Rhett Clayton at Ames Health and Fitness for 10+ years. I received a gift card at that time and one visit convinced me to come back month after month. I have appreciated Rhett's respect and professionalism in all my dealings with him. He is great at remembering conversations and picking up where we left off at the last visit. He makes me feel very comfortable and is sensitive to any particular muscular needs I have. I would recommend Rhett to anyone looking for a pleasant and professional experience in the Ames area.” - Ron M

"A massage is a very unique combination of healthy and pleasant things. It can energize you, take away pain, or relax your body and mind. And Rhett is very good at listening to you and suc—Āessfully delivering all that your body needs. What a treat!” -Tatyana U.

Types of Massages Offered:

Swedish Relaxation

  • the most widely known and practiced type of massage
  • consists of long gliding strokes toward the heart to promote circulation
  • assists the body of ridding itself of toxins
  • reduces muscle tension and helps to achieve relaxation

Deep Tissue

  • used to target knots and chronically tense muscles
  • can reduce inflammation and eliminate scar tissue
  • helps to loosen fascia which surrounds muscles, bones, and joints
  • consists of shorter strokes against the grain of the muscle to break down knots and adhesions
  • elbows, thumbs, and massage tools may be used to achieve a deeper pressure massage
  • client may experience soreness for a day of two afterward before desired pain relief and muscle relaxation are noticed

Sports Massage

  • used by amateur and pro athletes before, during, and after events
  • usually specific to two or more muscle groups used for a certain activity
  • a deeper pressure along with active and passive stretching are commonly used
  • greatly reduces muscle fatigue, improves muscle endurance, and helps to prevent and rapidly recover from injuries
  • helps to optimize performance in any given activity

Prenatal Massage

Eclectic Massage

  • incorporates elements of deep tissue, Swedish, and myo-fascial massage

Side Lying Massage

  • massage is completed while client is lying on side
  • offers greater access to different parts of the body such as the neck, shoulders, hips, glutes, legs and calves
  • especially effective for pregnant women, runners, cyclists and ice or inline skaters who can be prone to low back stiffness, tight hips, tight glutes and Iliotibial or "IT" bands